PLEASE NOTE : We would like to advice all shoppers to refer to the shoe size chart linked on our top panel for the measurements of shoe sizes. Please note that our shoes DO NOT follow sizes from VINCCI or NOSE.

Perks & Privileges

This section is exclusively for All For Fun membership card holders

How to get your hands on one?
SIMPLE! We're giving away All For Fun membership cards to the first 30 shoe fanatics who shop with us, as a show of our thanks for the support and love you've showered us with!

Do note that from time to time, we'll be having special giveaways, so stay tuned and be sure not to miss out on a chance to access the many perks & privileges from both Clothes For Fun & Shoes For Fun.

Here are the perks & privileges that come with the All For Fun card!
1) 10% off (domestic & international) on all purchases from Clothes For Fun.
2) FREE postage (domestic) on all purchases from Shoes For Fun.
3) 5% off (international) on all purchases from Shoes For Fun.

*perks and privileges may be changed at our discretion

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