PLEASE NOTE : We would like to advice all shoppers to refer to the shoe size chart linked on our top panel for the measurements of shoe sizes. Please note that our shoes DO NOT follow sizes from VINCCI or NOSE.

Shoe Size Chart

shoe size chart-1

All shoe sizes are given in UK size.

How to measure your exact shoe size? Follow some simple steps below :

1. First, lay a piece of paper on the floor & tape the edge of the paper.
2. Stand on the paper with your larger foot
3. Take a pencil to trace the outline of your foot onto the paper.
4. Draw a straight line at the END of the traced foot, another line on the tip of your LONGEST toe.
5. Use a ruler in CM (centimeter) to measure the distance of both lines.
6. The longest length and the widest width of your leg will be the size for your shoe.

To be on the safe side :

Examples :

a) If you've measured your feet length to be 24cm, shown on chart as the maximum length for size 38, it is advisable for you to take size 39 as your feet needs extra space to be comfortable in. Difference in size is only 0.5cm.

b) If you've measured your feet to be in the middle of a size, say 23.7cm, shown on chart as the middle length for size 38, remain that size and do not take a larger size.

c) To pick sizes for Oxford Shoes & Boots, add 0.5cm to your measurements and that will be your size.

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